Mosquito Control

Mosquito Repelling Services in Active Pest Control

Mosquitoes are annoying when they leave you with painful bug bites, but they can also transmit diseases. Take control of your yard and enjoy the outdoors again with our professional mosquito control services.

Our professional technicians can apply a barrier spray treatment that will keep your yard mosquito-free for months. We can also treat any stagnation water on your premises, such as your stagnation water chances to create mosquitos breading points , to ensure that any mosquito larvae will never reach the biting stage of their life.

Our services are affordable and effective against mosquitoes. Don't wait until you're covered with mosquito bites, call Spence's Pest Control today to schedule service.

Mosquito Prevention Tips:

Remove or treat any standing water on your property. Pay attention to fountains, roof gutters, bird baths, old tires, flower pots, tree holes, urns,                   rain barrels, pool covers, abandoned swimming pools, or other water holding containers. Mosquitoes lay their eggs or near the edge of in standing                   water, and eliminating these sources will help reduce mosquito populations.
Wear long sleeved shirts and long pants when outside, if you do not have a mosquito control program.
Use repellent containing DEET on skin and clothing.
Use bug repellent products created specifically for pets on your cat or dog, as mosquitoes can infect your pet with heartworms. Also treat your pet                   with heartworm medication to further reduce the risk of heartworms.