Termites Control

Termite Control Services in Active Pest Control

According to published reports, termites cause an estimated > $5 billion dollars in damage annually, which is more damage than tornadoes, storms, hurricanes, and fire combined. Termites can cause thousands of dollars in repairs and maintenance to your home or business by consuming the wood within and compromising the structure.

Active Pest Control utilizes the most advanced products and techniques

Halo Electronic Detection System
Advance Baiting

Signs of Termite Infestation

Discolored or drooping drywall
Crumbling, damaged wood
Maze-like patterns in the floor, floor boards or walls
Peeling paint that resembles water damage
Small, pinpoint holes in drywall
Loose floor tiles caused by added moisture from termites
Piles of termite wings
Small mud tubes along the foundation and walls of your building.
Swarming termites in early spring

Termite Control

Termite Control for New (pre) Construction

  • 1. Foundation Treatment for Masonary foun. & pit foun.

  • 2. Basement level flooring Treatment(before flooring concrete PCC)

  • 3. External Earth level barrier treatment & internal wall and wooden structures treatment. like Door,Window,Cubboards,Partitions etc.,

  • NOTE:  before wall plastering works (Guarantee period - 10 years)

  •                  economical chargers with Guarantee period - 5 years

Termite Control for Old / Existing Buildings

  • 1. Internal Flooring Treatment

  • 2. Wooden Structure Treatment. like Door,Window,Cubboards,Partitions wardrobe False Ceiling etc.,

  • 3. Wall Joinery treatment & External treatment for Where ever possible areas etc.,

  • NOTE:(Guarantee period - 5 years)

  • Charges will be calculated on sqft. basis only depends upon building Sizes